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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Legalism at its Best (or worst!)

I found the following news story that describes legalism at its best:

Power Shut Off After Woman Owes a Penny
May 16, 6:42 PM (ET)

FLINT, Mich. (AP) - It was just a penny, but to Consumers Energy it was enough to cut off power in a local home. Jacqueline Williams, 41, of Flint had an electricity bill of $1,662.08 and paid all of it, except for one cent. That wasn't enough for the power company, which blacked her out for seven hours Wednesday.

The lady in the story found income from three sources to pay her bill, but came up one penny short. For seven hours she remained in darkness because she could not find a penny. Upon finding one, she took it to the company and they restored her power.

Can you imagine this mentality?
  • One cross word and God takes away His Spirit?
  • One unkind thought and your name is blotted out of the book of life?
  • One lie and God will say He never knew me?

I am thankful for the cross, where all the pennies that I owe were paid! I don't have to live in fear of coming up one penny short. Thank you, Jesus!


Blogger Kevin Bussey said...

Good stuff Greg. That is sad.

12:20 AM  

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